New Facilitator supplies:

It is best to look into purchasing lesson specific equipment such as (numerous) cheese graters, blender, and food processor closer to the start date of your first session. Some session lessons may not require such equipment, and our aim is to minimize your expenses.

BASICS NEEDED regardless of session lessons:

  • 20-gallon tote with cover
  • Collapsible box dolly or other such method of easing the transport of your equipment/supplies.
  • 12’ Extension cord
  • Portable hot plate – I’ve found Oster brand to be reliable and affordable
  • Pots/pans/large skillet – what you have already should work!
  • Garlic chopper – kid safe – you may also just use a chefs knife to mince garlic – but the kids LOVE “driving” some of the cooler mincing tools on the market (see image below).
  • Measuring spoons
  • Measuring cups – dry and liquid
  • Spatulas/wooden spoons
  • Knives x 12
  • Heavy duty plastic knives will work as child safe paring knives in a pinch.
  • Kitchen scissors – having a few pairs is great.
    • Some lessons will require 1 per student- check equipment lists.
  • Cutting boards – cutting sheets are fine, keep it simple and lightweight!
  • Spray bottle for homemade sanitizing solution
  • Rags
  • Gloves- Vinyl powder free – sized medium works well across all ages. This company ships FREE. You can get a whole case – more affordable than buying by the box.
  • Hair elastics
  • Band-Aids (you’ll never need them)

MAY NEED depending upon lesson schedule:

  • Whisk
  • Microplane
  • Blender (one that will handle ice well – smoothies)
  • Small food processor; 3-4 cup
  • Cheese graters (box graters, or any type that has the large shredding edge)
  • Vegetable peeler

Please note that the items shown are merely for visual example. I am not endorsing or recommending any specific brands.

**PLEASE be certain that all equipment used for Kids’ Test Kitchen classes are completely NUT/TREE NUT FREE