Bringing Kids’ Test Kitchen to YOU!

Kids’ Test Kitchen gratefully partners with schools, recreation departments, and organizations of that nature to bring our awesome programming to kids of all ages and abilities. We also offer classes via Zoom. Check in with your student’s school or your community recreation department to see if they offer KTK. If they don’t, and you think they should, (we’d agree with you), please tell your school or recreation department about us and direct them to!

You can also send a message and we can point you in the right direction, just be sure to let us know where you live so we can provide the most accurate information!

Some fast facts:

Our classes are among the top offerings in more than 60 locations, and growing!

We don’t want access to a kitchen – we need electricity, adequate table space, and . . . KIDS!

Hosts of KTK manage all scheduling and registration. Please inquire with hosts directly if you have registration or scheduling questions.