Kids’ Test Kitchen is on a mission . . .

to inspire healthy eaters and redefine kid food by providing students the opportunity to cook, taste, and then teach their families about nutrient-dense foods.

Aspiring chefs meet for a series of classes, and work as a team to prepare fun snacks, entrées, and side items whose key ingredients are known to be really healthy for us! Some of the ingredients we’ve cooked with include Swiss chard, avocado, bananas, artichokes, spaghetti squash, watermelon, and more. Give us a room full of hungry students and you’ll be amazed by their enthusiasm!

KTK sessions are typically offered through local schools or recreation departments. Ask yours if they offer our lessons, and if they don’t – send them here where they can reach out for more info. 🙂

The original idea for Kids’ Test Kitchen . . . 

was born in the Spring of 2013. Operating under a different name, we started with a class or two through the Reading Public Schools, and then Lynnfield Community Schools. The response was surprisingly positive. Kids were eating new foods, parents were psyched, and session hosts wanted more!

Early in 2016, we formed an LLC and updated the name to Kids’ Test Kitchen. We gathered talented individuals to facilitate Kids’ Test Kitchen classes and have added to our client list.

Currently, Kids’ Test Kitchen is building a reputation in more than 80 schools and recreation departments. Classes fill up fast and host schools and organizations are calling Kids’ Test Kitchen their most popular offering!