What’s the deal with these CODES?

Hey hey, in an effort to be more consistent on my end for the purposes of tracking, I’ve begun to assign each class with a code. The format is TOWN@buildingMONTHdate#. So, if the class is in Hamilton, starting on October 17th and it’s at the recreation building, the code will be HAMILTON@RecOCT17.

This code will be present as invoice numbers for your pay. Supply payments scheduled after today will have an invoice number that is S-followed by the class code, and final will have an F.

The code is also how parents are identifying their student’s class when they complete the Diet Modification form, or the Student Info form.

My hope is that this will provide more informative document tracking on my end, and also help you identify what you are being paid for. (For some reason Bill.com does not make the memo I input when I submit your payments visible to you.)

Speaking of invoice numbers: OTO stands for one time orientation payment. The bill # you see will be followed by your initials.

And AWEMONTH – those are your AWESOMENESS bucks! Paid at the end of each month.


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