Taco Tuesday! (with Kristen)


Tuesday August 11th

4:00 – 6:00 pm EST

Atypical Tacos – (vegan) – Carefully seasoned cauliflower and mushrooms come together to form the “meat” in this delicious, cruciferous, version of a family favorite!

Garbanzo truffles for dessert!


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Step out of the kitchen and let us walk your kid(s) through the preparation of dinner and dessert!

As always:

Students have our undivided attention as we explore new or familiar foods in their raw, unmanipulated state. Then we’ll work together, virtually, to slice, dice, peel, measure, and cook until we have each prepared the finished dish. Participants learn about food safety, basic hygiene, and the responsibilities that come with working in the kitchen – like careful use of equipment and clean up!


  • Knife skills and safety
  • Accurate measurement
  • Basic hygiene
  • Food safety
  • Safe use of equipment and tools
  • Clean-up


  • Our attractive and professionally printed recipe cards – mailed to you upon registration.
  • One registration per household – no need to register a sibling!
  • Knowledge that your child is engaging in a productive and enriching activity.
  • Nurture your child’s desire to be more self-sufficient and in control.
  • Support basic academics in a fun and creative way.


Food preparation can be adapted to suit all ages. We hope you’ll find that the dishes we create will become part of your repertoire. With that in mind our lessons focus on recipes that are both nourishing and can be delegated to kids, or prepared by an exhausted adult after a long day of work without much stress.

All ages are welcome – we find that students grade 3 and up are able to follow along independently, however, the younger students can be some of our most enthusiastic participants, and with a little help from an adult, (aka sous-chef), are able to be just as successful in the kitchen.

To do:

  • Register for a session!
  • Purchase ingredients prior to each class.
  • Be available as a sous-chef if your student needs some in-person support.