Welcome to Kids’ Test Kitchen,

Thanks for dropping by! You’ve been clicking through our site and we are sure that by now you see the impact that Kids’ Test Kitchen can have on a child, a family, even on a community! We hope you’ll consider joining us in our mission to inspire healthy eaters.

Our mission is broad. We want every child to have the opportunity to interact with fresh ingredients, to explore and to prepare new foods, and to savor the taste of their accomplishment. But we know that we could never reach every child on our own. That’s where we hope to partner with you.

As a school administrator, we understand that you are always on the lookout for fresh ways to invigorate staff and inspire students – without denting the budget unnecessarily.

You have access to the students we want to inspire. You can connect us with educators who have a desire to motivate positive change. In return, we can offer our proven collection of hands-on, highly interactive, nutrition and cooking lessons which link directly to key academic concepts that your educators are already teaching. We could be quite the team!

Teachers will love that we’ve seamlessly integrated key math, reading, and science concepts into lessons designed with the student’s holistic enrichment in mind. Does your curriculum include standards related to money, fractions, writing, research, compare/contrast, or dissection? We’ve got lessons for each, and so much more! Kids’ Test Kitchen is an awesome way to teach what needs to be taught – with an engaging twist!

It’s easy! Time is precious – especially during the school day. We’ve done all the thinking ahead of time and mapped out each lesson step-by-step; so that teachers can keep their priorities in balance.

Families LOVE Kids’ Test Kitchen. Students use words like “Epic” to describe their experience with us! Parents are impressed by our recipes and ability to excite young eaters into courageously trying what they’ve created. The result is a shared enthusiasm for cooking and eating nourishing foods.

Kids’ Test Kitchen is an asset that your school will be proud of!

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