Gifts, treats, and gratitude.

Facilitators are not permitted to provide food treats/gifts to students. With Halloween approaching, and then the holidays, this is always something that pops up.

Please treat or gift only NON-food items. And do so without any strings attached.

  1. You may not give out candy.
  2. You may not bake or cook a dish for the group.
  3. Students are not to be made to feel that they had to EARN the reward. (In other words, if you hand out erasers, EVERYONE gets one, not just the kids who ate.)
  4. Gifts/treats are not covered by the KTK supply budget.

We all love kids and want to treat them and reward them for being so much fun to work with, but because of liability concerns, for both KTK, the partner, and yourself, we must insist that if you really want to treat the kids, that it be something non-food. In the past, I’ve been happy to distribute dark chocolate, but then there are often one or two students who can’t have it, so it becomes unfair.

So, let’s keep it simple, and either keep it non-food, or just be content to gift the stickers I send you to give. 😉


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