Current Opportunities

I’ve created a live link so that when you check-in to see what might be available, it will be completely up to the minute. Sounds fancy, but I must assure you that it is not. So, in this respect, forgive any imperfections and functionality limitations. It is a work in progress. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions and constructive criticism so that I can make this the best it can be for you!


Clicking the button below will open a window with numerous “cards.” (Fig 1)

Each card details a request from one of our partners/hosts, as it has been entered by them. At the top of each is a number. (Fig 2) Please make mental note of that number once you’ve identified opportunities of interest. To communicate the placement you’d like consideration for, select the button labeled “click here to request placement” and complete the form. Within that space you will be asked for the above mentioned number, and also have opportunity to tease out your desires/needs.

Fig 1
Fig 2